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Wholesale Growers and Suppliers of High Quality ready to juice Wheatgrass Trays and other related products. Please browse the site for more information. Remember it is easy to Buy Online.

"We at springreen are proud suppliers of wheatgrass to the following JHB / PTA stores, Kauai, Kohu restaurant, Tasha's Morningside, Virgin Active, Optimum care, Anti aging Clinic, Doppio Zero, Raddison Hotel Sandton, Subworks, Sandton Sun and Boost Juice Stores, Fournos Bakery, Krunch, Sandton Sun Hotel, Intercontinental Towers, Mowana Spa Indanba Hotel, Craft Melville, Foodz Cresta, Aureleis, Lil Kitchen and Sweat 1000 stores, Juiced, Fresh Press, Just Juiced.

"We also supply private households on a weekly delivery scheme covering all areas of Johannesburg and Pretoria. We can supply fresh wheatgrass to your door at R80 per tray delivered. Minimum order of two trays per delivery.

"Each tray will give one 8-12 shooters depending on the length of the grass and the efficiency of your juicer. We recommend a minimum of a daily shooter (25ml) per person as a daily maintenance on health and vitality. If using wheatgrass for illness or for sport endurance one can consume up to a glass a day (250ml)"

-- Evonne Ghemo, Springreen Wheatgrass

Delivery of Wheatgrass and fresh produce is to Johannesburg and Pretoria areas only

These are our delivery routes:

Monday - Dainfern, Fourways, Randpark Ridge, Cresta, Clearwater Mall, Roodepoort, Lenasia, Cradlestone, Krugersdorp, Key West.
Tuesday - Kyalami, Sunninghill, Woodmead, Sandton, Benmore, Dunkeld, Parktown, Rosebank, Melrose.
Wednesday - Blue Hills, Midrand, Centurion, Irene, Brooklyn, Pretoria, Pretoria East
Thursday - Greenstone, Eastrand, Carnival Mall, Bedfordview, Edenvale, Germiston, Alberton, Aspen Hills, The Glen Shopping Mall.
Friday - Laudium, Rivonia, Sandton, Rosebank, Dunkeld, Graighall, Melrose Arch, Oaklands, Norwood.

Juicers and other dry goods delivered nationwide by The Courier Guy

What Our Customers Say

Johannesburg, Crystal X

Since 2005 I've had been suffering from an iron deficiency anaemia, I tried several different brands of iron supplement, you name it I tried it. The products worked only for a brief while, but my red blood cells were still below the baseline value and my hormones were still not balanced. In November 2013, I was introduced to Springreen. The wheatgrass and service they offered is beyond repute. Following the advise from Evonne at Springreen, I purchased a slow juicer (great for making soya milk, ice-cream etc) and started extracted my wheatgrass weekly. They also provided different recipes to refresh the wheatgrass taste. In just 1 month, I retook my blood test and to my surprise my anaemia had disappeared and my red blood cell count had dropped between 10 - 13.6, which is far above the baseline value.

The most interesting thing I found about wheatgrass, is that I stopped drinking after 1.5 weeks and it dropped my blood cell levels to 12.9. You can see how important wheatgrass is for your body. Before i discovered Springreen, I was taking the organic wheatgrass powder, which it blended with water, each day for 1 month. The effects seen and felt are not as beneficial as fresh wheatgrass juice.

I want to thank Springreen and Evonne for the wonderful and meaningful bio-friendly product and service they offer! I am going to keep taking wheatgrass with Springreen for sure!

Blood Results Before  |  Blood Results After

New24, Dr Andreas te Reh

In News24 (2005) Prof W. Serfontein was quoted as saying that sooner or later medical doctors must change their attitude about food intake and maintenance of good health. This concept of nutrition should be approached scientifically and this is starting to take shape in Europe and now, finally, South Africa as well.

Western diseases, global obesity, and a great number of serious complications caused by industrialised food and our environment are, in my opinion, not addressed sufficiently by medication alone. The fact remains that the training for medical doctors in matters of nutrition is not sufficient.

When I came into contact with the research of Dr Wolf Funfack and started attending his training in Germany, the success of my own work and welfare of my patients was undeniable, thanks to the revolutionary Metabolic Balance Programme®. This nutritional programme is not only a powerful and preventative approach to common diseases, but also a scientific way to achieve and maintain excellent health without the use of any medication.

Earlier this year, I had the chance to discuss nutrition and health with a medical professor who mentioned the "healing powers" of wheatgrass. Yes, there are a lot of testimonials on the internet about the many health benefits of wheatgrass, but I was interested in actual and sustainable proof.

I visited the Springreen Wheatgrass farm in Midrand to see the quality of natural, nongenetically - modified farming with my own eyes. Since that visit, the results I have experienced are by far better than I could have expected. Increased energy, vastly improved tissue and joint conditions, acid control, a greater level of alertness, change of hair colour (my grey hair turned darker! Fountain of youth?), reduced gastrointestinal satiety(??) and an overall feeling of excellent health, just to mention a few of the many benefits that I have either experienced personally or witnessed.

My normal workday is somewhat between ten to twelve hours daily, plus an average of fifty to sixty kilometres of marathon running per week- and all of that is done with ease since wheatgrass has become part of my daily food intake.

Since gluten is found in wheat grains and not wheatgrass this is no reason for concern. The clean farming of Springreen Wheatgrass is surely a source of excellent nutrition. Everyone who is interested in good health (and boundless energy) should start making wheatgrass a part of their food intake.

Contact Dr. te Reh at agtereh@mweb.co.za for a consultation regarding health and nutrition.

Johannesburg, Gareth

Gareth has had a terrible flare up with his Crohn's Disease just recently. There were a couple of causes we believe. One was that he had to take a trip recently, and foods that he eats when away from home, always have a way of triggering a negative reaction with his condition. The he sprained his hand while doing a small handyman job, and he took some anti inflammatories , which we later found out ended up being a cause for a much greater inflammatory reaction. He was in a terrible state, his joints were inflamed and swollen, giving him pain, and the Crohn's Disease was playing up, with the acid burning his wounds and giving him terrible discomfort. We were ready to book him into hospital.

We opted to go the natural route, even if it would take a while longer to get the condition under control. We knew that Wheatgrass is known as the 'King of Alkaline' and is great at combatting acidity in the body. We had also used it in the past when Gareth was left with skin graft wounds, and we had seen the wounds heal very quickly. So two weeks ago we started giving Gareth two generous shots of Wheatgrass a day, one with his breakfast and one before dinner. It was a few days and the joints were not hurting him anymore, the swelling started going down, the digestive spasms became a lot less, the inflammatory levels were down, he started sleeping better and his wounds started showing small signs of healing. Another thing that we noticed was the higher levels of energy which was very encouraging. This is after two weeks of regimented intake. We are dedicate to keep on with the intake, as from the progress we have seen so far, we believe its going to bring complete healing to the wounds the Crohn's has inflicted him with.
-- Caroline

Ecomotel Group of Hotels, Cedric du Trevou

Just wanted to thank you for the great service that I have received very professional!

Flame Lily Investments (Pty) Ltd, Simon Dix

About 3 years ago I was advised to take fresh wheat grass as a powerful detox and also to improve my overall health. I was a bit sceptical at first but decided to give it a shot.

I drink a tot each morning and have noticed that I have far more energy, more so lack of fatigue than crazy energy like a red bull. I have also been much healthier and I was always down with flu due to my travelling around Africa. I haven't had flu in over a year.

In a nutshell fresh wheat grass helps strengthen the immune system. I understand that it is extremely alkaline which helps balance blood pH towards normal.


My Husband is 75 years of age and has been suffering from NHL for the past 10 years. Initially diagnosed as stage 4, received chemo and was in remission for 4.5 years before it came back. Received chemo again but could only complete half the course as it was so toxic. Nearly died in hospital from side effects but thank God he pulled through and Doctor said cancer was in remission but if it did return they could never give him Chemo again as it would kill him. Started doing intensive research for alternative means to keep him healthy as long as possible and found out about the wheat grass juice. Started giving him 30ml a day for about a month and then increased it to 60ml a day for a month and then to 100ml a day during month 3 and continued with this dose. He lost most of his muscle mass around his arms and legs during the 2nd chemo and also had a lot of problems with bleeding gums and his teeth literally being loose in his mouth. Within 3 months all his muscle mass returned to normal and he had no further problems with his gums and teeth. In fact his Dentist was surprised at the excellent condition of his gums and teeth. The cancer became active again after 8 months as we had an armed robbery at our house where they kept my husband under a gun for over 2 hours. Oncologist said it could have been from the stress of this incident. Had to take the wait and monitor approach as they couldn't give any further chemo. We increased the wheat grass juice to 350ml per day and kept the cancer under control for 1.5 years. At that time the cancer became too active again and they offered my husband a trial drug called Ofatumumab, an antibody treatment. My husband agreed to participate and completed the course but is not in remission, however the cancer is once again under control. We are again continuing with the wheat grass juice and will continue with it until the end as he will not go for any further treatment that they may or may not offer. We recommend wheat grass juice to any person that wants to ensure optimal health as when one's body is receiving all it needs to function you are giving yourself the best chance of health and survival. Have recommended it to all of our friends and family, many whom are all using it for years now will not go without their daily dose. We will never stop using it.


I would like to share with you some of the fantastic changes in my life since using wheatgrass purchased from you.

Firstly, I have a lot more energy and get a lot more done in a day. I have also lost around 6kg in 2 weeks! I now fit into clothes I haven't worn for some time. I am emotionally more stable and have improved memory and concentration. I have had pins and needles in my hands and arms when sleeping and driving. That has now stopped completely! I have noticed that I don't get hunger cravings and the "shakes" during the day and that I'm no longer tired after lunch.

I highly recommend wheatgrass to anyone and everyone.

I would also recommend drinking plenty of good quality water during the day.

Holistic Dental

One of my clients whom I referred to you was raving about you... thank-you for doing your business so well.

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